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Happy New Year!

Matt BennettComment

Happy New Year, folks!  I hope you all had a great holiday season.  It was definitely a busy one for me, but I was able to spend it with family and friends, which is a big plus.

I have some cool stuff in the works for 2014.  If you’ve been following my social media at all for the few days we’ve had this year, I’ve been posting a fly each day.  The plan is to keep doing this daily through the year.  In case you miss any of them, or don’t have any social media accounts, then I’ll have a recap here with recipes every Monday.  Just a little something regular to start your week off on the right foot.

I’m trying to diversify my tying this year and get out of my comfort zone a bit.  Since I mostly fish warmwater with a smattering of trout, that’s typically what I tie.  I’ve already got some cool steelhead materials on order and plan on playing around with some flatwing streamers and classic wets as well.

If there’s any particular pattern you guys want to see tied, just ask!  Thanks for reading and hope to have some pictures up soon.