Fly Geek Custom Flies

Matt BennettComment

Here’s the week one recap of my previously mentioned Fly-a-day 2014 project.  If you’ve been following along on social media, you’ve seen all this via iPhone photo (which sucks most of the time for flies.)  I wanted to do them justice with at least a point and shoot photo, as I’m hoping to get better with my photography this year.  Two birds, one stone!

January 1 — Rusty Rat

January 2 - Simply Cree Mayfly

January 3 - Lunch Money Sculpin

January 4 - Mike Schmidt’s Junkyard Dog

January 5 - Whitlock’s Deep Minnow

The idea was to have recipes to go with these, but that’s pretty time-intensive.  I’d be happy to share them on request, however.  Just let me know here, Facebook, or wherever.