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Costa Rica Bound

Matt BennettComment

I’ve been prepping for this trip for a couple of months.  I’m not known to be a light pack, so here’s the menagerie of fishing stuff that’s coming with.  2 8 wts and a 10 wt should get the job done.  Lots of tippet and leader, several lines in the floating and sinking variety, a Boga, stripping basket, and some good pliers.

And LOTS of flies.

The Bugger Beast is full of various baitfish patterns that I’ve whipped up, and I have separate boxes for shrimp, crabs, and topwaters.  I’m bringing it all.

I’m really going in not knowing what to expect.  The beach I’ll be on looks good.  I’ll have access to a kayak.  The weather looks to be superb.  Here’s hoping I come back with some fish pictures to share.  I’ll see you guys in a week!